At The Poor School there are as few rules as possible. They have to be kept to. We can and will explain in detail why they exist and why they serve the greater good.


A class or rehearsal cannot begin successfully until there is 100% attendance. If one person is late the entire company is distracted. The school requires all students to be on time for their calls and to leave sufficient time - for example, for a journey by public transport - so that the inevitable delays are allowed for.


Students at the school are obliged, without exception, to attend 100% of classes and rehearsals, even when feeling ill or off colour. Exceptions are serious contagious illness or a physically incapacitating injury. When you are not well you are allowed home or excused attending if it is possible to do this without adversely affecting your colleagues.

Outside Work

Students at the school may not act, take classes, model, stage manage or otherwise involve themselves in dramatic or related activities outside the school without permission being given.


Attention seeking clothing, hair styles or body piercings are not appropriate for actors; hats, scarfs or any head covering can't be worn on the premises.

Clothing and Books

Practice clothes are necessary for most classes: tights, t-shirts, track suits. Men need jock straps, women long full skirts. Jeans and trainers are suitable for rehearsals, but not for movement and dance.

Scripts must be bought as and when required.