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The Diary of Anne Frank

Dramatised by Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett

Directed by Chris Dunham

23rd November - 3rd December

Shows start at 7.30

No performances on Mondays or Tuesdays

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The Cherry Orchard

By Anton Chekhov

Directed by Trudi Rees

14th - 23rd December

Shows start at 7.30

No performance on Mondays

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Lady Windemere's Fan

By Oscar Wilde

Directed by Clare Davidson

18th - 28th January

Shows start at 7.30

No performances on Mondays or Tuesdays

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Super User

Super User

Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:00

Eleanor Robey

Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:00

Eden McDougall

Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:00

Callum Yardley

Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:00

Benjamin Isherwood

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Ben Moos-Golding

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Anna Cornish

Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:00

Abi McLoughlin

Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:00

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Monday, 03 November 2014 00:00


The comments below largely refer to our Four Day Course. They are all positive and this is a reflection of the contents of the independent site - over which we have no control - where they were originally posted.

“ …all inhibitions quickly fly out of the window, if for no other reason that everyone is looking (and probably feeling) as silly as you do …The four days fly by and is over all too quickly but you are left exhilarated and with a buzz that doesn’t go away. I am still friends with the majority of my group almost two years after the event.”

“ … whatever your reason for attending the course – and there are several – you will not regret it, you will learn from it and you will laugh A LOT”.

“ … a life changing experience for anyone … exhausting and exhilarating”.

“If you like eccentric characters and brilliant teaching, and want to have a really interesting and instructive four days, then this course is for you. I think this school gets it right where it matters and isn’t too preoccupied with appearances, which is so refreshing. It’s the best holiday I have had in ages”.

“ … a truly wonderful experience, whether you want to be an actor or just take a few days away from your life. The energy generated by the staff sent me home buzzing every night. The more you put in the more you get out and I had a fantastic time. On top of that it’s extremely good value for money. I don’t know anywhere else that you can get this standard of teaching at this price”.

“In terms of the skill and number of teachers, variety of topics covered and general quality of the individual attention given to us, the course was absolutely excellent value for money. I would recommend it to anyone”.

“The thing that struck me most about this course was its thoroughness, (nothing) of which was remotely rushed or skimmed over. The dedication and enthusiasm of the staff was contagious. In my group there were people of all ages and all professions – psychiatrists, entrepreneurs, students, journalists etc, and all came away wanting to start all over again and sad it had gone so quickly.”

“It gave me more than I expected. The school makes sub-groups so that we are not more than 13 in each group and it was the right number. I liked all the teachers … they all know what they are doing.”

“Hey, you will learn how to act in fighting scenes from Alison De Burgh, Britain’s first female fight director. Isn’t it cool? You will get more than you expect whatever you expect”.

“I am 14 and have been on several drama courses, but this has been by far the best … the teaching was outstanding. I was the youngest by about four years and the oldest was about sixty”.

“I was convinced I couldn’t sing but was belting out showtunes by the end”.

“Prior to joining I had a call which was warm, supportive and reassuring. I may not have had the courage to attend otherwise. The course exceeded my expectations in every regard. The no bullshit, professional intensity was perfect. In a dumbed down, superficial world this seems to be less and less common as organisations try to please everyone and offend no-one – usually with a high fee and a colourful piece of paper at the end. Authenticity is now a rare quality”.

“Everyone on my course got something individual and unique, and I know this because we are now all friends (meeting for drinks next week) who have shared something special”.

“I have done short courses at other reputable schools and found this to be the most beneficial. I did the course as part of an audition … I think it’s a great idea as you get to see what the school is like before you sign two years away”.

“Transformation. The word to describe the end of a journey shared by 15 complete strangers … this shared triumph was raised on two pillars. The first was the unceasing professionalism, knowledge, approachability and general excellence of The Poor School staff … the second was the fact that every member of the group simply went for it”.

“ … such a wonderful experience … such a unique and exciting course. After less than a week a roomful of strangers (from entirely different walks of life, with all sorts of different ambitions) could create and share … and show real progress. I had a really amazing time”.

“We were all immersed in a completely different world, and everyone got equal attention. I’d recommend it to anyone”.

“When Grantley, the musical theatre teacher, said “now, Jen, I want you to go to a very sexual place, imagine melted butter running down your breasts” I was somewhat challenged … but by then I felt very safe with my group … indeed, one of the strong aspects of the course was how most of the teachers created a safe place for us to step outside our comfort zones”.

“The morning after the course I felt bereft …I feel it has planted the seed of knowing how to mentally and physically set myself up for all manner of things … one of the best experiences of my life”.

“I can’t recommend the course highly enough to anyone who harbours vague aspirations to acting, or who just wants to try new things and/or embark on a voyage of self discovery. The teaching was excellent – it felt “proper”, that they really knew what they were doing in contrast to that slight feeling on some courses of people “busking it”. On day one I had quite a negative reaction to the amount of time dedicated to Singing; I’ve always thought of it as something I’m no good at. In the end it turned out to be the most rewarding part of the course”.

“The richness of this course is such that anyone will take something from it. Escape the real world for a week, and push the boundaries of the imagination. Learn how to perform, communicate, project, articulate, stage fight, dance, move and stretch … for £295 I couldn’t believe how packed it was. Outstanding teaching and direct honest feedback. It’s one for the Bucket List”.

“Brilliant tuition and well worth the money … positive, encouraging and constructive. I would definitely recommend the experience”.

“After doing numerous acting courses in London I did not expect that anything new could surprise me. How wrong was I? The Four Day Course at The Poor School was something so wonderful and extraordinary that I am sure I will never forget it. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course … You will have a chance of meeting amazing, extremely skilled and friendly tutors … to experience a different world watching your colleagues practicing Shakespeare monologues in every bit of free space. Four days at The Poor School was the most extraordinary, inspiring and challenging adventure”.

“Testament to what this course can do for someone – after years of being too scared to touch a script (acting used to be my passion) – is that I am back doing some fantastic amateur dramatics …”

“ … I got to work in a small group of lovely people … It’s definitely a course for everyone. I learned so much, even in classes I didn’t think would suit me”.

“Excellent, expert teachers, all with top class experience (and a great bunch of characters themselves). We started out as nervous strangers and left high and genuinely sad to part. If you have any curiousity about acting – whatever your ability – do this course”.

“It must be incredibly hard to cater for a big group of people with different levels of experience and aptitude … Nonetheless the Poor School pulled it off and delivered something that worked for everybody. Some of the teachers there are truly exceptional – if they hadn’t been there’s no way I’d have sung a solo or danced (sober) in front of strangers  …”

“Everybody at The Poor School – in the nicest possible way – expects a lot of you … you’ll achieve more in four days than you ever thought possible … a fantastically productive – and inexpensive – few days that even now give me a warm feeling when I think about them. If you’re reading this review and haven’t yet booked a place on a short course, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Book it, do it, love it”.

“Having never previously done Shakespeare the thought of doing a monologue was literally causing me sleepless nights, but having researched and learned a piece, and then having performed it several times (with director’s notes in between) it really started to make sense to me. I can’t tell you how satisfying that was”.

“It was a brilliant set up. No nonsense. A cool feature about The Poor School is the style. It is full of character, and a mixture of characters. Anyone who is considering a visit to The Poor School should do it”.

Find out more about our Four Day Course.

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