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What is Anything But a Back Pack Day

It is one of the most awaited days for every student in the spirit week. With fun, students showcase their creativity and find the best alternative to backpacks.

Some schools included no Backpack Day in their spirit week to promote environmental awareness and other causes among the students. As per the faculty of schools, with fun activities, we can simultaneously engage students with learning and creativity.

Origin of Anything But a Back Pack Day

If you look around the origin of this day, it’s been started in Sept 2021 at Jefferson School in Idaho, 

Two incidents took place in the Jefferson school. In May 2021, a sixth grader shot two students and a janitor. In the next one, in Sept 2021, In the backpack of a 13-year girl student, a gun was found. 

After considering these incidents, the local board of education decided not to bring backpacks to the school. 

In response, students protested silently, started getting their books and essentials in carry bags, strollers, and shopping carts, and uploaded pictures & videos on social media with the hashtag #Anything But a Back Pack Day. In social media, hashtag goes viral.

After looking at the response of students, Chad Mart, Superintendent of Jefferson School, says, “It was good to see the kids turning it into a positive thing.”

Following the trend, other schools include Anything But a Back Pack Day in their spirit week. To celebrate this day, each school has a set of rules. I wrote some of the common ones, which are primarily included in the school rules list –

Anything But a Back Pack Day Rules 

  1. Basic one, No Backpack Allowed
  2. The size of the thing you are bringing should not be too large.
  3. Don’t bring pets as your backpack
  4. Don’t bring offensive products such as weapons.
  5. The product should not be stolen

We're here for you.

One of my advice is to check the school rules for this day.

Ideas for Anything But a Back Pack Day

I am also a big fan of this day. In my opinion, Nobackpack Day not only makes students freak out but also attaches them to creativity and environmental causes.

So, while ripening the list of good ideas for anything but a backpack day, I consider three simple things –

Personality Match – Opt for the product that fits your personality. For example, if Hulk uses Spider-Man’s web, does it look great? No, right. So, try to figure out the product which suits your look.

Budget – Many students purchase expensive stuff for show-off, which is not good. It’s the day of creativity, not showcasing rich status. So be calm and present your best.

Easy to Carry – Choose a product that is easy to handle.

1. Amazing Bags Ideas

You can take these ideas as a last-minute call option for those who forgot about the day or want to go easy at no backpack day. The below-listed stuff is easily available in our houses, and you can easily carry it.

what to bring for anything but a backpack day
best anything but a backpack
nothing but a backpack day
no backpack day ideas
no backpack day

2. Box in Style

The box will be a great option if you want to look classy on no backpack day. You can easily stuff your school supplies for the scheduled classes in the box. Pick one of them, whichever suits you.

funny backpack alternatives
anything other than a backpack

3. Self-Design Ideas 

If you want to self-design your options, I have shared some ideas that will work great for you and could be easily prepared in less time.

things to use instead of a backpack

4. In Sports Also

Sports accessories will best fit your personality if you are known for sports in your class. You can refer to one of these. Not only does it look different, but it also gives you an excellent look.

spirit week anything but a backpack

5. Me & My Basket

It can be an excellent option to carry school supplies on no backpack day. In every home, it’s available. You can choose one of them. For convenience, I have shared photos of students as well.

6. Pillow Cover

Is a pillow cover an excellent option for no backpack day? 

Yeah, it’s best if you go with something different. I have shared some of the cool pillow covers. Its advice: don’t take the pillow out of the cover. Manage your school supplies inside them only.

7. Suitcase

If you want a trolley and aesthetic look option for no backpack day, then a rolling suitcase will be the best choice. With easy availability in the house, you can easily hang around the school campus with your rolling suitcase.

8. Portable Pet Carriers

On no backpack day, pets are not allowed, but you can get a pet carrier of average size. Hey, I found one student image with a pet carrier.

9. Round Folding Laundry Drying Clothes Hanger

In funny backpack ideas, it is the top-rated. Very few students know about this idea. I have shared the photo with one of our readers, who suggested adding this idea.

10. Water Carriers

There are two preferable options for water carriers: Bucket and the Portable Water Carrier for camps. One of them is easily available in our homes.

11. Searching for Big Ones.

Here comes the big one and the most awaited one on the list. Right?

Before you engage with the ideas for no backpack day, I recommend going with a big one if your class is on the ground floor. Otherwise, you need to get help from one of your fellow mates and handling for a whole day will be a tough job, rest I left on your choice.

when is anything but a backpack day
no bag challenge ideas
no backpack day at school

With all my list of ideas, I’m pretty sure you must have selected one of the stuff. We would appreciate it if you could share your images or YouTube video link of Anything But a Back Pack Day

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