Is dance a sport | Expert Opinion |

is dance a sport

Is dance a sport? While getting views from university students, dance industry experts, and sports people, most of them start with “It’s a hot debate topic.” While my question is from you guys, is it really a hot debate topic? Or you have misunderstood the topic. While analyzing various facts and figures, I found something … Read more

How much do dancers make | Tips To Get Good Pay |

How much do dancers make

Dance as a Passion & The Truth for Beginner Dancers Most choose dance as a passion, and make their focus on nourishing the art in the beginning. Yeah, it seems to be good until you don’t have to pay your bills on your own, You might think your answer to the query “How much do … Read more

Types of Dance | With Demand and Genre |

Dance Types

From historical times, dance is always being a part of human life. It is the medium through which one person can express their feeling in the form of love, anger, happiness, conflict etc. Nowadays, if you see the evolution of dance, it is not only limited to entertainment in one person’s life; many started preferring dance … Read more

Best Dance Colleges in California | With Facilities & Curriculum |

Hey guys, I hope you are fine, I know you have wandered various websites to get the list of dance colleges in California, but you didn’t get satisfied answer. No worry, our team has worked hard and listed the dance programs in California with various filters such as ACT Score, GPA, Performances, Number of Shows, studios, faculty, college … Read more