Are nurses considered first responders

If you see the role of a nurse in society, you will understand the importance of how well they serve the community with their heart and soul in every situation, day and night. The pandemic didn’t go so far in saving other’s lives, nurses didn’t care for themselves.

But for some reason, Nurses don’t come under first responders; before you come to your justification, I request you to go through the full article. You will learn all the aspects of how nurse’s and first responder’s roles are specified and why it is important.

Who are first responders?

First Responders are the professional who reach the location of a crime scene, accident, fire, or natural calamity first, and they are trained to handle such situations by prioritizing their task, which includes providing first aid to the injured and briefing the situation to higher authorities.

Types of First Responders

Police Officers Responsible for protecting and preserving the scene, collecting casualty information, investigating, coordinating information with media personnel, contacting other departments, firefighters, and health, and taking measures to save the public. 

Fire Fighters – Their responsibility includes rescuing people and protecting property. They also play a vital role in natural disasters.

EMT ( Emergency Medical Technicians ) This is a primary position in an ambulance. Their work involves examining the patient’s injuries. If necessary, they perform CPR and control external bleeding; they document patient details and asses to the authorities.

Paramedics Well-trained to use advanced health technology to stabilize the patient before reaching the hospital. As per the patient’s condition, they are also trained to give suitable injections and involve wound cauterization.

What qualifies as a first responder?

To become a first responder, you must make a career choice – police officer, firefighter, or EMT. For your help, I have briefed each career prerequisites and training.

Police Officers –  You need to have a high school diploma or GED. You should be between 18 and 21, must be a US citizen, and have a valid driver’s license, a clear criminal record, and a bachelor’s degree. With all these prerequisites, you are allowed to take an entrance exam. After passing the exam, you will have training in the Police Academy, which lasts up to 6 months.

Fire Fighters – To become firefighters, you need to take two exams: computer-based and physical ability tests (CPAT exam), for which you have high school or GED, as per state age and college degree prerequisites vary, while the minimum age required is 18. After passing the exam, you enter a fire academy where you are trained to become a firefighters.

EMT – To become certified EMT, you must first fulfill the prerequisites, including a high school diploma or GED, with CPR certification (optional.) After that, apply for the state certification program, which includes training for six months in a college. At last, you have to take a certification exam administered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

With academics, you must have the necessary skills to become a first responder:

Now, coming to the point !!

Are nurses considered first responders ?

You might be thinking why I have discussed all the stuff related to first responders. Well, I want you to streamline the difference between becoming a nurse and a first responder. Both professions are being prepared accordingly to work in their environment,

While you can say, a nurse can do EMT or Paramedics work. Yeah, but being practiced in a particular work environment continuously, our physical and mental ability is trained accordingly, at a level it reaches its perfection and comfort zone, so in terms of work efficiency and perfection, we have to keep first responders and nurses separate.

Flight Nurse as a first responder 

If your career choice is a nurse and you want to work as a first responder, I want to tell you that you can become a flight nurse, which is considered a first responder, 

 If your question is, why flight nurse?

They reach the emergency location via helicopter first to provide first aid. Their responsibilities involve transporting patients to the hospital, stabilizing them until they get there, and, if necessary, being trained to offer advanced cardiac life support during the journey.

What does the law say about this

If we see as per law. No federal law states the first responder’s list. In contrast, some states streamlined their law and listed the first responders, In which most states include these four categories: police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics.

Can Nurse Act in Emergency Situations?

Until now, I have justified professionally. Now, I want you to explain from the situation point of view, 

If we take the simple meaning of first responders, they are the ones who reach the situation first and provide help. So, for example, if the nurse is attending a birthday party, and one of the person at that party has a cardiac arrest, 

Will the nurse wait for first responders to come and help the person? 

The nurse will not wait and try their best to help the person. In such a situation, a nurse is considered a first responder, and apart from terminology, a nurse is also a human being; they also have a feeling.

In the case of MCI (Mass Casualty Incident), if a shortage of health professionals is found, nurses may be streamlined as first responders to help the distressed community with bandages and medicine.


I have covered all the aspects, as both nurses and first responders give their best to help society. If you have any additional details you think I missed, please comment. I really love engaging readers.

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