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You might be excited to get a bike for college, but having various bike options in the marketplace makes it difficult to decide. I completely understand this struggle. Those getting bikes for the first time in their lifetime don’t know the key factors they need to consider while purchasing the bike.

Before I move further, I would like to thank my friend James Cummins, who has owned a cycle store in Los Angeles for the last 15 years. He has suggested some of the best bikes for college students and shared important small notes for each bike.

So here we begin.

While searching for bikes, you might see various types of bikes. Some of the common ones are mountain and road bikes. In my discussion with James, he suggested three categories of bikes that are best for college students – comfort, city, and cruise if one needs to ride below 5 miles.

Reason behind choosing the 3 C's ( comfort, city, and cruise) Bikes

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As per James, most students live inside the campus or 5 miles around the campus. In road and mountain bikes, you need to ride in the aggressive position with a college backpack pack, which results in arm stains and sweat on your shirt where the backpack is placed, so uncomfortably reaching the class will distract you from your studies.

If you choose one of the college bikes from 3Cs, you will have upright position while riding, and for a short distance, it’s the preferred posture to have comfort and fun.

Customization is not easy on road and mountain bikes, while customization is accessible on these 3 C’s ( comfort, city, and cruise): bikes. Some companies give you accessories with the 3C’s bike, such as a basket and back rack. As per James, rear racks and baskets are essential for college students as they help to keep backpacks and load daily essentials such as groceries or other college stuff.

If the speed is higher on the road and mountain bikes, let me clarify that single-speed is best for a college campus. For example, if your college is in the hills, you can prefer 7-speed or 11-speed, which will be more expensive.

Now comes your favorable key point, which is the budget; compared to road and mountain bikes, these 3C types of bikes are less expensive. With less than a $ 500 budget, you can have the best bike for college.

James says that spending more than $ 500 on bikes for college students is not a wise decision, and he also noted that bike theft around the college campus is very common, so one must have a good lock for your college bike and if you want, you can also go with bike insurance as well.

All these reasons are enough to mold your 50 percent mindset to get the bike in one of these categories: comfort, city, or cruise will be a wise decision.

Don’t worry; the rest will change when you see the list of best college bikes. James considers these factors while unlisting college bikes: material, weight, speed, brakes, comfort, and budget. As per him, these are enough for a good bike.

Basic Terminology of Bike Parts

Please acknowledge some basic terminologies of the bike parts, so when you visit a bike store or choose the bike from the given list, it helps you make a wiser decision.

Drive Train

The heart of the bike comprises various components such as chain, derailleur, cassette, and chain wheel. I have shared the image. You can see

Derailleur’s work is to change the chain’s course over the cassette (gear wheels), resulting in changing the gears.

Bike Tire

If you visit the bike store, you will learn about the tire’s attributes. I have listed some of the common ones which you must know.

Tire Width – The most common tire width for commuting is 28 mm to 42 mm. 

TPI in tires – Tire must have 60 to 120 TPI for bikes to resist flat; TPI stands for thread per inch.

700 C tires – 700 stands for the diameter of a structural or bead part, while C defines the tire’s width.

Material of Bikes 

College Bike Material

Types of Brakes

Best Bikes for College Students

Comfort Bike

Schwinn Unisex Hybrid Discover Bike

best bike for collegeSchwinn has been a reputed bike company since 1895. From the year of its founding, in each decade, the company has come up with one of the best series of bikes that satisfies consumer needs very well.

So, while finding the bikes for college in Schwinn Brand, James recommended Schwinn Unisex Hybrid Discover Hybrid Bike, 

Guys, I am shocked this bike meets expectations of the best bike for a college campus in terms of style, quality, comfort, and budget. Therefore, I share this bike first.

  • The bike frame is aluminum, which is light in weight and rust-free.

  • Schwinn provided a front suspension for this college bike. 

  • Linear pull brakes are provided in this bike. For a college campus, it’s sufficient.

  • The Best thing about this bike is that the company provides the rear rack and fenders with the bike, which means no extra money to get; both are essential for college students. (rack for keeping backpack and fenders keep the clothes clean)

  • Bikes have the 21-speed option, suitable for both flat and hilly areas.

  • This comfort bike comes with Shimano gear. Shimano is among the top three bike drive train manufacturers.

  • The bike’s tire is 28 inches, which is suitable for commuting.

  • The bike frames come in three variations: 15 inches, 17 inches, and 19 inches. This bike fits in height for 5ft 4 inch to 6 ft 2 inch individual.

  • The company doesn’t provide any assembly video, and the manual contains irrelevant stuff. So you need to get help from someone who knows how to assemble the bicycle or need to visit the store.

  • For people of a specific size, such as plus-size individuals, bike seats are uncomfortable. I suggest replacing one.

  • Being a reputed brand, customer care is not good.

Special Note The day you get the bike online or offline, it is recommended to work on assembling it as soon as possible. Sometimes, missing parts are found in some packages, and there is a problem with the Tire’s missing tube. So if you have any problem, you can replace or return it on time.

Keep track of the price of the bike. As the price goes below $ 250, it is fair to buy one,

Trek FX 1 Stagger

best bike for college studentsTrek is a renowned brand in the bike industry. This list can’t be completed without this bike. It’s an excellent option for college students to pick this good quality and stylish bike.

This bike is available easily. You can easily find this bike in the local and branded bike stores if you want to do a test drive. 

As per James, From the price point of view, the Trek FX1 Stagger is $ 499, the entry-level price range in their adult unisex hybrid bike series in 2023.

  • Trek FX1 Drive Train Components Derailleur and Shifter are of the Shimano brand.

  • The bike frame is made of aluminum, which makes this bike less heavy. The weight of the bike is approx 28 pounds.

  • You will get a comfortable step-through frame for college students to ride.

  • The brakes of the bike are normal cantilever ones. In commuting, it’s sufficient. 

  • Bikes come in two variations: small and medium. They are suitable for individuals 5 foot 1 to 5 foot 9 inch.

  • The offroad experience of the Trek FX 1 Stagger is satisfying with no suspension.

  • The bike comes with a 700 C tire, which is appreciated

  • Professional Assembly of this bike is free in the Trek Store whether you purchase online or offline

  • Trek is known for its good customer support.

  • From a student’s point of view, they should give fenders and rear rack, which will bag up the extra cost for students.

  • Small shocks are not absorbed by the saddle. Take the test drive before replacing the bike seat.

Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Bike

good bikes for collegeSixthreezero is a company founded in 2005 with the vision of giving enjoyable and comfortable rides to bikers. The bike I found is the perfect example of proving their vision.

Even Six Three Zero CEO recommended this as the best bike for college students. As per him, college life is entirely of hustle, so students should prefer an upright bike position. It’s good for their posture and helps them enjoy a smooth ride on the bike and relax from all-day stress.

  • The bike provides the fenders, side stands, rear rack, and reflectors essential for a good college bike.

  • The bike handle is very comfortable and specially designed in a curved shape.

  • The bike’s frame is made with alloy steel, which is durable and comparable to regular steel. It is more rust-resistant.

  • Experienced in commuting bikes, the company offers 7-speed and 3-speed options for flat roads. I recommend buying a 7-speed as it is easier to pedal and place gears comparable to a 3-speed drive train.

  • The saddle of the bike is comfortable.

  • Assembly of the bike is easy.

  • The bike is heavy in weight, but not much that the college student is not able to handle

  • Try to take a test drive from the local store. For some of them, the pedal and frame geometry don’t match.

Overall, It’s a good bike for college students.

Huffy 26" Nel Lusso Men's Cruiser Bike

The company started in 1892 and is known for inventing new designs. In the company’s early decades, it was ranked among the top 3 bike manufacturers in the US.

James (Contributor in Article) is a big fan of Huffy. As per him, this cruise bike Huffy Nel Lusso is an excellent option for students who are looking for stylish designs in the frame at a budgeted price and want to get a good brand bike,

Additionally, this bike checklist lists all the key filters of good bikes for college.

  • This Italian luxury look gives the rider a good feeling in terms of style.

  • A bike is inexpensive, which is excellent for college students with a smaller budget.

  • The bike’s accessories are much more for students – front basket, rear rack, fenders, side stand, bell, reflectors, and incredible cup holder with smartphone holder.

  • The saddle is wide and comfortable, capable of absorbing small shocks.

  • The frame of the bike is made with steel, which means this bike is durable to use

  • The bike’s geometry is such that the wrist, arm, and leg don’t feel fatigued.

  • It comes in a single-speed option with no gears but functions smoothly. The approximate speed you will get is 6 miles per hour.

  • The bike has no brakes. You have to paddle backward to control the bike. If you get this bike, please add extra dollars to install the brake set. This bike is available in the nearby Walmart store.

Special Note Take a test drive before purchasing

City Bike

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike

This is another one from Schwinn. This college bike is for those who want an aesthetic, simple look with less wide tires. 

If we look into the variation of frames, it comes in two types, step through and step over frame, giving the consumer a choice to buy as per their comfort.

Being an old-school design, this bike is a first choice among consumers for commuting.

  • I like the fenders provided with the bike. They are made of metal too, which is not only durable but also helpful to protect the clothes from getting dirty.

  • The size of the rack is good. It has enough capacity to handle your college backpack.

  • The bike comes with the 7-speed option, which is enough for commuting.

  • Handlebar geometry gives comfort while riding and maintains the body posture.

  • The brakes are simple and work well, but I recommend riding slowly in the wet season.

  • Maintenance of the bike is not much.

  • The saddle is comfortable and capable of shock-absorbing.

  • There is no assembly video, and the given user manual does not have enough information, which is difficult for those who don’t have mechanical knowledge.

  • Schwinn Customer Support Service is not good.

Special Note I recommend getting this bike offline from the local store and taking the test drive. Girls who want similar models can go with Schwinn Women’s Gateway. It’s available in Target.

Beaumont City Bike - 7 Speed 

beautiful bike for college studentsThis bike is from Retrospec, a US Company with a corporate office in Los Angles. The company is known for budget-pricing bikes and designs. 

Retrospec has various commuting bikes, while the Beamount City Bike 7-speed is a great option to compare with the Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike.

Guys, if you are looking for the city bike’s colors, Beaumont can be a great option to check into. The company gives you 4 varieties of color, while my favorite one is Matte Olive Drab.

  • The bike comes with Shimano Revoshift Gear Shifter, which makes riding easy,

  • For having good posture while riding, the company provides riser handlebars.

  • In accessories you will get fenders, rear rack, and side stand, which thereby add no extra cost.

  • The thing I like about this bike is the chain cover. It deliberately helped to protect your clothes from oil and splashes.

  • I am amazed that Retrospec looked into the small constraints of this city bike. They provide bells and reflectors, which I found in fewer city bikes in this price range.

  • Assembly of the bike is easy with a described manual guide.

  • You will get two frame options: step through and step over the frame.

  • The gear of the bike works great.

  • The saddle is comfortable, but shock absorption is null

I have recommended some of the best bikes for college students in case you think there must be some add-on or anything that needs to be corrected. You can comment or email me. We really consider our reader’s views.

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