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Most of them listen “Conferred Degree” term at the time of graduation completion or when we are searching related to the college graduation ceremony. If you are a freshmen, then it will be good for you to know before.

I am the one who came to know about conferred degrees before the graduation ceremony. It’s something new for me, and I also came across certain scenarios around conferred degrees. So, my fortunate readers, I have drafted a full guide for a conferred degree to prevent you from hustling. It’s my request kindly share this guide with your fellow mates as well.

So here we begin….

What is a Conferred Degree

Conferred Degrees showcase that students have successfully surpassed the validation for academic and administrative prerequisites of a degree, so they consider themselves degree holders.

The registrar of  University performs this validation after you fulfill academic prerequisites.

One can see this validation in their degree with the term “Conferred” or “Awarded,” you can also check the degree conferral date mentioned in the transcript.

What is the difference between a Conferred Date and a Completion Date?

I am going simple so you can easily understand each terminology well. Completion Date refers to the date you have completed your academics (which means passing all the exams and having minimum credits for a degree).

Conferred Date refers to the date on which a degree is issued with full validation of academic and administrative prerequisites – (which includes no outstanding tuition fees and University paperwork).

Most colleges provide access to web transcripts that showcase the status of complete & conferred in your degree. If they are not providing, you can call and ask your college’s registrar for the status.

Remember, if your college website does not show the degree awarded or conferred status and date, you cannot consider yourself a degree holder.


Most of us think that at a graduation ceremony, we will get our degree. At the same time, the college provides degree cover with a diploma, which is not an actual degree, as per the college authority audit or validation of degree takes time.

The degree is always mailed to each student’s address, and remember there is a difference of 2 to 3 months between the graduation ceremony and conferred date; there’s a very little chance both dates are the same.

Conclusion of the scenario: You can’t consider the graduation ceremony date your conferred date.

Is a conferred degree necessary for applying for a job and higher education

While applying for higher education and jobs, you will see the check box that mentions degree completed but not conferred. You need to mark that; it’s no harm if your degree is not conferred.

Most educational institutions and employers know the audit process for degrees, so they allow students to apply for jobs and higher education.

If you are selected for that job or higher studies, the authority of that particular entity in which you are selected calls your university for exact degree status.

It’s my recommendation there is no harm in telling the truth. If it’s conferred, then it’s best; if not, go with a degree completed but not conferred.

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In some careers, such as medical or licensed careers, employers ask for a completion date letter from the university and a conferred degree date letter to check the difference between them.

How to mention the Conferred Date in the resume?

It is best if one has its degree status conferred or awarded and gets the conferred date, as it becomes easier to attract employers to the resume. I have certain key points you should consider –

  • Make a separate section for education

  • List the degrees in chronological order

  • Mention the Degree Name, and below, write the full date or month & year degree conferred

If you have a GPA below 3.5, it is recommended not to mention.

For help, you can see the below image.

conferred date

What is the process of conferring the degree?

Step 1 - Clear Your Academics

First, you must pass all the exams, then see the status of pending lab work or clinical hours to complete and project submission, and check your credit status. Have you taken the required credits for the degree?

It’s my recommendation to make a proper checklist for prerequisites.

Step 2 - Reach out for Paper works

After completing the first step, you now have to reach the administrative department of your university to track down the paperwork for getting the degree conferred and make sure regarding any dues you need to pay to college.

If you properly track down the above steps, 50 percent work will be completed.

Step 3 - Enjoy the graduation ceremony

After being hustle of the above two steps, now it is time to reward your hard work for graduating, so without worry, you should enjoy the ceremony.

As I told you earlier, you will get the diploma in degree cover, which is not an actual degree or you can get an empty degree cover.

Step 4 - Wait for Registrar Audit Process

Registrars have a lot of workload; they need to audit each student’s documents, so this work takes time as they need to match up all your academics and administrative prerequisites for the degree.

Time can vary between 2 to 4 months, depending on the college student’s list. 

I recommend keeping track of your web transcript regarding the status “your degree has been conferred.”

Step 5 - The degree will be mailed

After being validated by the registrar, your conferred degree will be emailed to your college mail ID and most important, they will mail it to your address. I can’t say the duration; it depends on your university mail service.

I have tried my best to include all the key points related to the conferred degree. Hope you like this article. I would appreciate it if you suggest any addon for this topic or any other topic on the website. If you have any queries, you can comment or even directly mail them to me.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call yourself a degree holder when your web transcript showcases conferred or awarded with a conferred date on your transcript.

It is the date mentioned on your degree transcript, it showcase from particular date you can determine yourself as a degree holder

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