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Do you know the demand of family physicians in the US till 2032 will be surge to 55,200, which results in an excellent opportunity to make a career in the medical field. To begin your journey, if you choose medical schools in California, it’s a great choice as two California Medical Schools are ranking in the top 10 med schools in the nation.

The curriculum of med schools in California is solely based on research and preparing students for handling critical situations by collaborating with reputable hospitals of the city; many colleges have committed to society by providing free medical aid to diverse patient populations.

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You must be amazed to know that In-state California applicants are accepted more than out-state California applicants in UC System Medical Schools.

We're here for you.

You must be amazed to know that In-state California applicants are accepted more than out-state California applicants in UC System Medical Schools.

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List of Medical Schools in California

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Stanford University School of Medicine

Stanford University School of Medicine has opted flipped classroom concept (under this concept, the discussions are made on different topics) and keeping separate time for lectures. School is known for its research; they are also playing a vital role to avoid wastage of covid 19 vaccines.

Acceptance Rate – Stanford Medical School Acceptance Rate is 2.2 %, with a student and faculty ratio of 2.3: 1

Location and Campus – It is located in Silicon Valley; it helps the student collaborate with techies and work on a project; in recent years, many biotech start-ups have been launched by Stanford students.

In the college campus, they have different centers for researching particular niches, 

1.Lokey Stem Research Building –The building is specified for researching Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative; it is the largest building in the country for performing research in a particular niche.

2.Clark Center – In this centre, students from different backgrounds such as engineering, medicine, and other scientific disciplines work together to overcome human body health and disease complexity.

Clinical Training – Stanford School of Medicine is excellent in providing clinical training to students. Check out the various learning which professors provide –

  1. Simulation Based Learning 
  2. Stanford has a free clinic to serve diverse populations of the country, so premedical students get hands-on experience in clinical skills.

Stanford Health Care and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital are affiliated with Stanford University with the School of Medicine.

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UCSF School of Medicine

UCSF School of Medicine is one of the best medical schools in northern California, ranking in the top 5 medical schools in research and primary care.

UCSF School of Medicine structures its curriculum in three phases which included practice-based learning as well as interpersonal skills, so that students excel in new generation competencies.

 Acceptance Rate — UCSF School of Medicine acceptance rate is 3.9 %, student and faculty ratio is 13:1.

Collaborated Hospitals — The UCSF School of Medicine is in mission to provide health care to all moreover serving the diverse patients also help in making research and education.Below is the list of collaborated hospitals –

Clinical Training – School of Medicine is research focused medical schools and constructed various buildings which playing vital role in shortening the gap between academics and industry, some of the buildings –

  1. Mission Bay 
  2. Parnassus Heights
  3. Mount Zion

The college has made exemplary contributions in the 1918 flu pandemic, aids epidemic, and SARS; this college is ranked 1st in the nation for getting grants from NIH (National Institute of Health).

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UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

It is one of the renowned medical schools in southern California, known for its student diversity and applied learning.

College provides scholarships to make medical education affordable so that students can learn with ease.

Acceptance Rate – David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA acceptance rate is 2.8 %, while the student and faculty ratio is 3.6: 1.

Affiliated Hospitals –

Clinical Training

UCLA Medical School has structured its curriculum to fill the gap between knowledge and skills, due to this, the college has segregated topics to provide full knowledge, below is the list of topics at which clinical clerkship is being provided –

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UC San Diego School of Medicine

UC San Diego School of Medicine is the best medical school for surgery in California, and you must be amaze to know that college faculty rank 1st in federal research funding.

Acceptance Rate – You have to face tough competition to take admission, as the college has a low acceptance rate is 3.6%.

Campus – College has various buildings to research on various niches in an organised structure, which includes – 

One of the alumni of college Brain Druker, has discovered the drug for the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukaemia named Imatinib. 

Specialty of College –

Curriculum – It is being found that UCSD believes in making their students outstanding, for this college makes the add on in their curriculum of ISP – Independent Study Project, under this student, get acknowledge with their concepts by making practical implementation, and the most important whole project is being monitored under faculties.

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USC Keck School of Medicine

USC Keck School of Medicine is the oldest medical school in southern California; the college is known for its diverse academics, as they offer a combined graduate certificate program for medical and engineering to MD students.

Acceptance Rate – US Keck School of Medicine Acceptance Rate is 4.96%, 

Clinical Training – Faculty of College from 1st week admire students for participating in patient care to influence them with real world experience; this whole practice is performed under mentors and in affiliated hospitals, 

Students preference for USC School of Medicine, for becoming part of Nation’s Largest Teaching Hospital – LA + USC Medical Center. 

Research – College facilitates the clinical research by starting programs in various niches –

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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine is the best UC school for medicine which plays a vital role in state-level health policy, as the university is based in Sacramento, which is the capital of California.

Acceptance Rate – UC Davis School of Medicine Acceptance Rate is 1.8%, while its student and faculty ratio is 2.2: 1.

Clinal Training – You might be amazed to know students involve in training; half of them do the research during that tenure, while college is also involved in serving a diverse population, for which different free student clinics have been set up, under these clinics, the student gets the opportunity to work in real-world cases which makes them more proficient towards their career.

List of Free Student Clinics –

Affiliated Hospitals – UC Davis believes in innovation for which they had collaborated with various institutes –

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UC Irvine School of Medicine

UC Irvine School of Medicine is ranked in the top 10 medical college in California. UCI is known for regulating the style of teaching; it is the first college to adopt for tablet-based curriculum; recently, the school also make the experiment on flipping the advanced cardiac life support classroom with team-based learning, you can understand how much depth the college is thinking regarding student learning.

UC Irvine is among the list of most beautiful medical school in the nation; within 5 miles, you can visit pristine Pacific Ocean beaches.

Acceptance Rate – UCI School of Medicine Acceptance Rate is 4.8%, while the student and faculty ratio is 2: 1. 

Clinical Research – UCI School of Medicine collaboration with UCI Health, has launch UCI Center for Clinical Research and make a good contribution in three areas- Cancer, Neurology, Regenerative Medicine.

Programs – UC Irvine School of Medicine is offering students diverse academics options in the form of dual degree programs –

UCI has taken the good initiative for fulfilling health system demand for a specific need and knowledge advancement of doctors with the launch of program name as “Mission Based Program.”

1.Health Education to Advance Leaders in Integrative Medicine (HEAL-IM)Leadership Education to Advance Diversity-African, Black and Caribbean (LEAD-ABC)

2.Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community (PRIME-LC)


For fulling need of financial help, the college has made a separate portal to apply for scholarships; click on below official portal link of the college to explore more

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UC Riverside School of Medicine

UC Riverside School of Medicine is a prestigious medical school; its first batch of MD is started in 2013, while the college is in the field of Medical since 1976, offering a biomedical program in collaboration with UCLA; after a long struggle, LCME accredited the college,

Without being new, the college has proven its capability with the upgradation of new labs, including simulation center, and most important, college breakdown the barrier between disciplines with the start of Multidiscipline Research Building, in these different disciplines of students will collaborate and work on projects.

Degrees – UC Riverside School of Medicine offers various options to the students to start their career –

Society Contributions – UC Riverside mission is to serve an undeserved population of California, especially inland empire communities. Recently in a pandemic, a college student has made campaigns to make awareness and start the telehealth service.

*UCR School of Medicine gives preference admission to students who base in the inland empire.

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Loma Linda University School of Medicine

LLU School of Medicine is a private medical school in California that started in 1909, based in Inland Empire. College culture is influence by Christianity. Apart from academics, they also acknowledge students “how the spirituality can improve our personal life as well as career growth.”

Curriculum – LLU School of Medicine is known across the nation for its academics, research and clinical care; school segmented its curriculum into three phases.

1.In the first year, students acknowledge with foundation principals, and till the end of the second year, they learn about various case studies and make preparation for USMLE Step 1

2.In the third year, students acknowledge with clerkships in core modules; along with this, students practice with their mentors in LLU-associated hospitals.

3.In the fourth year, students prepare for trained emergencies and intensive care.

*Each year students are provided with hand on ultrasound training 

Associated Hospital –

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California Northstate University College of Medicine (CNUCOM)

CNU College of Medicine is a new medical school in Sacramento, establish in 2015, the college is accredited by WASC AND LCME.

Acceptance Rate – California Northstate University College of Medicine acceptance rate is 8.8%.

Clinical Training – College has segregated its curriculum of clinical training for 46 weeks, and expert faculties are appointed to provide training at a particular discipline,

Affiliated Hospital – To prepare students for real world, the college has collaborated with the different hospital, where you will explore more with your mentors

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California University of Science and Medicine

CUSM started its first batch in 2018, and college aims to prepare students for overall development, including skill and communication. CSUM is affiliated with LCME. 

The college has collaborated with Arrowhead Regional Medical Centre to initiates medical awareness in Inland Empire and California; apart from this, the medical center also is a teaching hospital for CSUM.

Acceptance Rate – California University of Science and Medicine acceptance rate is 8.0.

Curriculum – CSUM School of Medicine believes in flipped classroom concept, while all pre lectures are uploaded in the college portal.

To make the student more proficient, college involves the student in clinical training from 1st year and 2nd year, & admire them for learning from their mistakes.

To make emphasis on research, the college started with a summer program of 7 weeks, in which they provide a stipend to the students; college is equipped with all essentials to do the research,

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Kaiser Permanente Tyson School of Medicine

College first batch is started in July 2020 and accredited by LCME in 2019, after this school announces for taking no tuition fees from the students for four years (only for the first five classes).

For selecting the students, college takes the two interviews –

Facilities – School has facilitated its learning as per new era, which includes –

Affiliated Training Sites – To make the student overcome 21st century competence, the school includes module Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships for first and year students.

School intervenes with Six Kaiser Permanente medical Centres for providing clinal training to the students- 

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You can also add Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in your list. 

We have listed all the colleges that offer MD programs in California with essential key points, it helps you to distinguish between best medical schools in California. If you have any addon regarding the topic, you are free to talk to us

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