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From historical times, dance is always being a part of human life. It is the medium through which one person can express their feeling in the form of love, anger, happiness, conflict etc.

Nowadays, if you see the evolution of dance, it is not only limited to entertainment in one person’s life; many started preferring dance as a profession or making dancing part of daily lifestyle as a fitness exercise, 

With the help of dance trainers, teachers, fitness freak and shuffling a lot of information from the internet, we have found the below list of different types of dance with styles which is not outdated and also taught in various reputed dance schools and studios, 

In the below list, we have used various filters, including the origin of dance and its future trends. Apart from this, we have also listed the tips for choosing a dance style.

Types of Dance

Ballroom Dance

types of dance


Ballroom Dance originated in the 16th century; this dance is also recognized as a social dance style, as it is performed necessarily with partners. Among couple’s ballroom dance, it is the most popular dance.

Levels in Ballroom Dance Competition

The ballroom dance competition is categorized into two parts: syllabus and open. While in the syllabus, you will have four levels – newcomer, bronze, silver and gold (in the syllabus, you will be restricted with dance moves). In the open category, you will have three levels which include novice, pre-champ and champ (in the open category, there are no restrictions related to moves)

Fitness Influence

Nowadays, Ballroom dance is also evolved into fitness exercise for the body. Some of its benefits include decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol, low risk of obesity, and increases lung capacity. 

In dance trends, it’s been assumed in future; ballroom dance will become part of the Olympics under dance sports, And most important, there is no specific age group to learn the ballroom dance,

Easiest Ballroom Dance Types to learn

In most dance schools and studios, you will find training in waltz, foxtrot, cha cha and rumba in the curriculum, as these are the easiest dance to learn in the ballroom dance type.

Genres in Ball Room Dancing

  • Waltz
  • Viennese Waltz
  • Tango
  • Cha-Cha-Cha
  • Rumba
  • Samba
  • Mambo
  • Quick Step
  • Jive 
  • Bolero

Traditional Jazz Dance

characteristics of jazz dance


Jazz dance originated in the 17th century, performed by African people, and became part of the Americas when enslaved people from Africa came in 1817. Its actual upgradation and recognition took place in the midst ’20s in the United States.

Personal Influence

As per the experts, Jazz Dance is a very energetic form of dance which rebels against individual personality. Its moves are unique. With leaps and turns, you will feel simultaneous coordination between mind and body movement, which intrudes on artistic expression.

Jazz Dance is a most favourable form of dance for upbeat music lovers, and its genres, such as the Cakewalk and swing dance, have recognition of social dance.

Fitness Influence

Its different dance movements play a keen role in influencing an individual’s fitness by strengthening the legs, limbs and floor work. Moreover, it plays a significant role in overall development with improved flexibility, coordination and endurance.  

Jazz Dance Wearables

If you see the movement of jazz dance, it needs sharp, clean lines. For this reason, it is recommended to wear tights and leotards, 

If we talk about the optional wearables, it includes jazz dance pants, dance shorts and a form-fitting tank top or t-shirt.

Colour is an essential entity in jazz dance wearables, as it helps to signify the action or expressive dance steps performed by jazz dancers.

Genre of Jazz Dance

  • The Charleston
  • Black Bottom
  • Jitterbug
  • Swing dance
  • the Cakewalk
  • Tap Dance

Latin Dance

couple dance


Latin Dance is a collation of natives of South America and Europeans. Its exact origin is unknown. As per the reports, while colonising South America in the 16th century by Europeans, explored this dance type.

What makes Latin Dance different from other Dance?

In Latin Dance, being two people dance (partner dance), no one has to teach the other, which seems to be a significant breakdown in this Dance. As per dance trainers, this Dance focuses more on the rhythm and steps rather than the dramatic or storytelling process.

Latin Dance is part of fast dancing; immense coordination is needed between the upper and lower body. Some movements include fast rotation, release & contraction, and ripples of the body.

Personal Influence

As per the reports of the University of Szczecin, Poland, Latin Dance plays a keen role in social engagement, which helps overcome the loneliness and boredom of everyday life and make one person’s life satisfied & joyful.

Fitness Influence

Latin Dance helps in not only mental health but also instability in the body which includes burning calories up to 600 per hour, and it also helps in improving cardio and respiration.

Genres in Latin Dance

  • Salsa, 
  • Argentine Tango,
  • Samba, 
  • Rumba, 
  • Mambo, 
  • Bachata, 
  • Merengue

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dance


Hip Hop is a street-style dance that originated in the 1970s in the United States. Its commercial exposure is held between 1990 and 2000, and many films and studios make part of dance style.

Personal Influence

As per history, the reason behind evoking this dance is to make yourself refresh with entertainment after coming from work,

In many clubs, a competitive renounce occurs between couples for performing this dance, but as the steps eradicate in Hip Hop breakdance is difficult, everyone can’t perform.

People start cumulating the Hip Hop Dance moves precisely for a party or social engagement, which includes snake, chicken head, and Harlem shake.

Fitness Influence

Many fitness centres have categorized Hip Hop dance in their fitness training. If one performs in a daily routine, it will develop stamina, plays a vital role in abs development and reduces the risk of heart attack.

You will be amazed to know that Hip Hop is an essential exercise in weight loss.

Hip Hop Dance Wearables

In hip-hop dance, wearables are not much considered during starting stage. 

Most hip-hop dancers wear baggy pants, and secondly, shoes need to be selective as they do not twist your ankle. It’s our recommendation to either check into internet reviews; while attending dance classes, you can get feedback from your mates and select shoes.

Genres in Hip Hop Dance

  • Breakdance
  • Locking
  • Popping

Professional Performance Dance

Performance Dance


Performance dance originated in the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance. It is performed in front of a mass audience during the concert. 

Genre of Professional Performance Dance

Ballet – Ballet is the oldest, which confluence traditional culture of various geographies on the dance stage.

Contemporary – In this dance, one can present freedom of expression via storytelling,

Modern – This dance is being created to expel classical ballet dance corrigendum. It is originated during the 19th century and modern Dance act as the free dance of today’s dancing era.

Hey guys, we have mentioned all popular types of dances. The information we have provided is well researched. If you have any add-on related to this, you are free to contact us….

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