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In most industries, psychologist is in demand. If you are willing to make a career in psychology or a patient specifying psychologists for their treatment, 

Don’t worry, you are at the right place. Our team have frame information for various types of psychologists in such a form it would be helpful for patients and students both.

As per APA, they have listed about 36 divisions in psychology, while we have listed those areas of psychology that are mostly demanded in society.

List of Different Types of Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychologist deals with the person’s mental illness, which is synchronized due to mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. It is one of the best psychology careers diversified with various subspecialties, including child, geriatrics, health psychology and many more. And most important clinical psychologist are not allowed to prescribe medication for treatment.


  • Conduct diagnoses, assessments, and evaluation tests for detecting and recovering from mental disorders.
  • Prepare Case Report of Patient, which includes treatment given, the improvement seen and session timings.
  • As per diagnosis, provide a reference for a psychiatrist or may work with a psychiatrist to give proper treatment.
  • Clearing doubts of patient family and notify the improvement or symptoms occurring inpatient.

Education – If you want to set up your clinic, then a doctorate is necessary, while there are various other opportunities one can have with a master’s degree. Some graduate school prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Working Area – Hospital, Setup Personal Clinic, Educational Institution.

Average Salary for Clinical psychologists is $ 88,780.

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As per the reports, most psychologists work in clinical after a doctorate.

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologist seems to be an exciting job in film and television. With a fast strategy, they solve cases each week and make arrests of criminals.

Guys, it’s not like that. It is one of the interesting careers in psychology, forensic psychologist work with judges, attorneys and other legal specialities on cases. As per the requirements, forensic psychologists get the role of assessing a criminal’s mental health before a court hearing or evaluating the right person for child custody.


  • Perform criminal profiling services
  • May give expert witness or courtroom testimony
  • Evaluation of suspected criminal before trial on the grounds of mental competency.
  • Match the witness statement with various evaluations and perform various assessments to obtain exact vital facts.
  • Assist in recruiting police officers with the intake of psychological assessments.

Education – Doctorate Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree and Bachelor Degree. 

Working Area – Personal Clinic, Hospitals, Government Organizations.

Average Salary for a Forensic Psychologist is $ 78,828.

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For your information, the Forensic Psychologist Work Environment includes prisons, police stations, and young offender instructions. It’s a long working hours job. We suggest considering this before choosing this psychologist type as a career.

Industrial-Organizational (I – O) Psychologists

It is one of the most demanding professions in psychology, and many big industries hire Industrial-Organizational Psychologists for a smooth working environment. 

As per BLS reports, 8 % growth is projected for all psychologists in 2020-2030, while for Industrial-Organizational psychologists, it is 2%.


  • Employee Training which includes management and work-life balance.  
  • Perform research on worker productivity and take necessary steps for improvement.
  • Map down the procedures for screening new applicants
  • Maintaining workplace quality 


  • One can get an associate-level job in human resources with Bachelor’s in Industrial Psychology (Most universities offered).
  • For more exposure and a hike in salary, students go for a master’s program in I-O Psychology.
  • A doctorate is mandated to hike up salary at the highest level and acknowledge profound studies in I-O Psychology, go with Doctorate Degree, and in prominent positions.

Working Area – Corporate, Government Agencies, Private Practice (providing consultation), Education Institution.

Average Salary for Industrial Organizational Psychologist is $ 96 270.

School Psychologist

It is the confluence of various psychology types, including educational, clinical, developmental and community.

School Psychologist specialities are in maintaining a good correlation between teachers, parents and students with a qualitative school environment which is overall suitable for learning.


  • Listen to students’ problems related to academics and social. And organize sessions to help them.
  • Monitor the improvement of students and record the feedback from teachers and parents.
  • Maintain school environment by promoting diversity along with making behavioural analysis of students. 
  • Work with the school administration team to make policies.
  • Organize group sessions

Working Area – preschools, schools for specialized students (children with different disabilities), universities, hospitals, private practice, government agencies, and Juvenile justice programs.

Average Salary for School Psychologists is $ 79,820.


It is the subpart of cognitive psychology; this specialized psychologist’s role is to trace the problems within your nervous system by performing various assessments, which include your thought process, behaviour with others, body posture and movement.

Most important, neuropsychologists are not allowed to prescribe medication to patients for treatment.


  • Diagnoses functioning of the brain
  • Perform treatment of a patient with the collaboration of a psychiatrist, neurosurgeons and neurologist.
  • Maintaining a treatment plan includes improvement, and new symptoms arise.
  • Discussing with family members regarding patient medical history and clearing their doubts related to treatment.
  • Organizing seminars to make people aware regarding eradication of problems related to behavioural changes and how the brain effect by this.

Education Requirements – A doctorate is mandated and needs to be in neuropsychology specifically. 

Working Area – Private Practice, University (as a professor and researcher), hospital, Government Agencies, Mental health clinic

Average Salary of a Neuropsychologist is $ 102,900 (It is among the most lucrative psychology careers)

Each sector specifies its psychologist, such as aviation, military, and child; we can’t list all of them; it’s confusing, so we have a filter per the market demand. I think we have satisfied your query; if you have any addon. Kindly suggest us….

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, psychology is an excellent career option for those interested in analysing human thoughts. 

As per APA, there is 106,000 licensed psychologists in the US.

Most psychologist work in Hospital and other heath service (25%), University (25.9%), government agencies (16.3 %), Business/Non profit (10.4%), Schools and other educational(8.1%).

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