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Veterinary is a vast career field. To deal with a variety of animals, there are specific types of veterinarians who came into the role, Under this blog, you will get a complete overview of the responsibilities and demands of each veterinarian type, 

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Companion Animal Veterinarian

These veterinarians treat companion animals, including cats, dogs, birds, and many more, which are kept as pets. 

What type of work do they perform?

Being board certified veterinarians, they provide scheduled vaccinations to the animals, perform surgeries, and prescribe medicines and routine check-ups. This type of veterinarian plays a vital role in pregnancy. They use ultrasound machines and x-rays for diagnosis.

Working Area and Timing

Companion Animal Vet have a practice of working in any environment, but most prefer working at a vet clinic with patients and owners,

they work during the day as well as in the evening, from Monday to Friday, during emergencies vet needs to go at the weekend as well,

Career Outlook

As per reports, after becoming a licensed veterinarian, more than 70% percent work as companion animal vets, while as per a BLS report in the decade 2020-2030, the overall demand for a vet is 17%, The average Annual Salary of a Small Animal Veterinarian is $ 71,462.

Wildlife Veterinarians

These veterinarians treat undomestic animals such as tigers, zebras, lions, reptiles, giraffes and many more.

What type of work do they perform?

As there are plenty of work wildlife veterinarians perform, below is the list –

  • Perform procedure of cleaning teeth
  • Making animals partially unconscious for a medical procedure, 
  • Provide routine vaccinations and monitor immunity,
  • Advising team regarding the procedure of feeding and handling
  • Breakdown the transfer of disease among other animals in a zoo.
  • Monitoring behavioural changes and physical strength 
  • Diagnoses of health problems, if required makes usage of x-rays and ultrasounds
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy monitoring, providing care to infants.

Working Area and Timing

Among different types of veterinarians, wildlife vets can work in diversified areas, such as the pharmacy industry, military, research labs, zoos, wildlife rehabilitation centres, and education institutes.

Wildlife workload involves day, evening and night, so in case of emergency, they need to go at the weekend or sometimes they need to travel, while overall 65-hours of workload is involved.

Career Outlook

After becoming a licensed NAVLE vet with a DVM Degree, Wildlife Vets get an average annual salary of about $ 76,000.

Large Animal Veterinarians

These veterinarians work with livestock such as horses, cattle, pigs, goats and sheep. They act as a health consultant for farm owners.

Large Animal Veterinarian Responsibilities

  • They perform diagnoses of health-related problems and, on the requirement, perform surgeries and use X Rays and ultrasound.
  • Perform routine check-ups, including growth monitoring and regular vaccination intake.
  • Responsible for the procedure of artificial inseminations and monitoring pre and post-pregnancy health.
  • Introducing farm owners to the usage of new equipment to monitor health and diet, along with this, make them aware of new government regulations regarding livestock.

Large Animal Veterinarian Work Environment

If you love to travel, then large animal veterinarian can be the first choice to work in the vet industry, along with this, it’s a long working hours jobs due to travel hours addon, 

As most farm owners tie up with specific Large Animal Vets, in such a case for serving regular clients, they also need to rush up to the farm in emergencies during their holidays.

Apart from working on farms, they have options to work in the pharmacy industry, military, and education institutes as a professor, and government agencies hire them to monitor meat.

Career Outlook

After the companion veterinarian option, most students prefer a large animal vet to choose a career in veterinary. In rural areas, demand for a large animal vet is very high. The average annual salary for a large animal vet is $ 95,460.

Laboratory Veterinarians

Among all types of veterinary fields, it is only focused on diagnosing diseases and infections of animals in the lab. Apart from this, they are responsible for making a plan of care for the diseases and infections they found during diagnoses.

Lab Vet Responsibilities

  • Providing care to specimens kept in the lab for research purposes.
  • Lab Vets acknowledge training to the technicians and researchers for proper usage of lab equipment and specimen samples.
  • Additionally, they work on drug therapies and find new surgical techniques.

Working Area and Timings

Being Lab Vet, you will be getting flexible working hours, and If you are a person who likes to work behind the scenes and is interested in research, then a lab vet can be a good option for you.

Career Outlook

As per BLS, good growth has been seen for lab veterinarians in the upcoming decade between 2019 to 2029. It is the highest paying vet type with an average Salary of $ 117,770.

In this blog, we have uncovered the types of veterinarians, and if you want to know about the speciality, you can visit the official website of AVMA.

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