Is Computer Science Hard | Complete Myth Busting Facts |

Myths are being made to get busted. In the education industry, some of the myths are rambling very furiously that 

computer science is hard 

The computer science drop rate is this …

When you search the internet and find its reason, is computer science hard or not? You will get impractical answers, maths is mandatory, or programming is complex,

Seriously, based on these answers, one can influence their decision of not opting computer science as a career,    

I request you guys don’t change your decision based on partial answers. 

To bust the myth, we have had a panel discussion with the computer science industry & faculties experts and frame the answer, which includes.

  • Is computer science all about programming?
  • Is calculus required for computer science?
  • How do you overcome the hardest class for computer science?
  • Prerequisite computer science hard skills

Myth Busting Facts

Career Mindset

One of the significant factors, as per reports, most of the students getting a computer science degree on the influence of salary packages or in pressure of their peers or society influence, which thereby effect the studying interest of the student,

We have found most students choose computer science due to the high salary package and high employment, and as a result, students do not uphold their interest while studying computer science, and they give up very quickly,

As in computer science subjects, one need to do deep study in the initial stage to make the foundation strong, and student also need to explore a way to solve their doubts,

Hustle can only be made when someone has an interest in a particular thing,

One should consider the interest or passion factor before choosing computer science as a career.

Is computer programming hard ?

Here comes the second factor in busting your myth; Yes, it is correct, learning a programming language is not easy in the initial phase, but as the industry experts have told about the learning curve in a computer science career,

After reaching that learning curve, students feel less pressurize and can solve the problems quickly, 

We have listed the steps which help you in achieving the steep learning curve –

1. Computer science is a field in which student needs to keep patience while learning does not skip any concept before approaching another level, 

2.Start learning one programming language. In the first programming language, you will acknowledge all the functionalities. If you are an expert in one, it will help you to learn another programming language in a more accessible and shorter span.

3.Nowadays, various platforms are available which give you the opportunity of learning as well as implement.

Is computer science a lot of math ?

We know Mathematics is like a devil for some students; they don’t choose computer science as a career choice due to math,

Might the below explanation change your thoughts, 

For your kind information, if you studied algebra and statistics thoroughly in high school, you will feel no problem. In the CS curriculum, you will learn two maths subjects which include Calculus 1 and Calculus 2, which are not as tricky, as students make rumors about the subjects,

“Difficulty means you have to pay more attention to learning and put more effort. If you once do that, you will reach the sore heights.” 

After passing college, you will only use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Mathematics is the only prerequisite in the CS career; its influence makes students more logical and develops problem-solving thinking.

Now it’s your choice, bear with laziness or give the tough fight and overcome such a small problem for your favourite computer science career.

Match Prerequisites Quality

To succeed in any profession, one needs to have some qualities, and sometimes it also acts as a prerequisite for a career,

In computer science, we have found the primary reason behind this myth “is computer science hard,” and the student dropout rate is that students forget to match their abilities or qualities before choosing their career in computer science. It directly or indirectly results in the loss of their money and time.

So, we have listed some of the abilities that one must match or develop before pursuing computer science as a career –

  1. Away from Laziness
  2. Working in a team
  3. Not shy to take help from others
  4. Always ready to explore new things
  5. Time Management

Our team hopes they might be successful in busting your myth. Is computer science hard? If you have any addon related to the topic, you are free to mail it to us. We will appreciate your feedback,

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