An Experience

Hi, My Name is Erie Wilson. I founded in 2020 to help students make the right career decisions. Till now, I have helped more than 500 students to choose their careers, prepare college applications, and write good essays. 

I am one of you..

I am a 25-year-old woman with a communication degree. I’ve always gotten outstanding grades in school since childhood and have a burning desire to work as a news editor, but nobody can predict what the future holds.

“Destiny whispers in the winds of change; listen closely, and it will guide you to where you’re meant to be.”

Turnaround in Journey

Backyard plan

Graduating during COVID times, I got a work-from-home preference as an associate writer at a reputed media agency. I am enjoying life and satisfied as I get the job of my choice, but no one knows what turnaround is coming in the future no one knows.

As lock down restrictions are removed, my father organizes a small get-together in our backyard and my graduation party, to which all my relatives are invited. There I had a conversation with one of my siblings. She struggles to write a college admission essay and prepare a college application.

During the conversation, I shared some tips and cleared her doubts.

You will be shocked. She got admitted to UCLA, which amazed me. I shared this achievement with one of my friends; he insisted I start with an education blog and share the knowledge with more people, at first I rejected it as I was satisfied with my job and, most important, I had no idea of setting up a website and handling all other hustles

After so many messages from him, we came to the conclusion I would share knowledge in the blog, and he would handle all the technical stuff,

At present

No one knows this blog will help many students and make a reputable place in the education industry. Currently, I am a contributor to various websites and working on my blog

At last, I will only say this journey of my blog is not so easy. There has also been a struggle, but hard work pays off. I always suggest you guys stick to one goal, and during the journey toward that goal, You should enjoy the process rather than focus on the result.

One of the best education blogs is preferred first for choosing a career and selecting the right college.

For Any Queries

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