we are at mission...

to help the students to take right decision for career by providing unbiased information for the colleges they prefer, You might be thinking, how we filter relevant information for students, Here it is..

Step 1

We research the information for the colleges and match with relevant metrics for the students and also check the reports issued by accreditation authorities

Step 2

We take various types of surveys with the students studying and from alumni of college, Ask them about their experience with college

Step 3

In the last step we compare information The Poor School Special Checklist and make the proper frame work to answer your queries for college

About The Poor School Team...

The Poor School team is highly motivated and have relevant experience in education sector, some of them had also work as education counselors with experience of more than 3 years

At present our team is helping the students to select the right college in California for their prospective careers like MBA, Law, Music and many more. Additionally we are also working to provide the information related to scholarships  for each career.

We also got the positive feedback from the students by preferring first for making career choice in California

What student say about us.....

Beth Riegger

hey guys, this website is best, while taking admission in law schools , I get help from this website with various factors to be considered while picking a law school.


Stephanie Solheim

I recommend the students who are going to take admission in music school, kindly go through best music schools in California, it will give excellent help to take decision